Saturday, April 19, 2014

52 Weeks in Nature : 16/52

Week 16/52

April, 19: Austria, Vienna, Easter market

Colorful and full of joy Spring market in Vienna near Shoenbrunn palace. Eggs, eggs and more eggs in all shades and decorations. Also homemade wine and jam, toys, ice-cream. 

Painted eggs
 Glass hollow eggs
 Handmade ceramic bowls and cups
 Homemade wine and jam
 I never saw SO many eggs in my life)))
 Handmade metal figurines

 oh salama, cheese yummmm

From Vienna art museum

Old Venetian lampwork glass necklace from Vienna Art Museum. Glass and gold.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

52 Weeks in Nature : 14/52

Week 14/52

April, 5: Slovakia, Piestany, town's park

Really like the idea of creating flowering pots in old trees. This spring town decided to clean central park of some old trees to give the others more light. And planted in stumps flowers. 


Ocean views

new lampwork focals